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Welcome to, your premier and #1 rated site for booking discreet and completely confidential escorts across the entire United States. At, we pride ourselves on giving you everything your heart desires. We offer a completely different young lady to match each and every taste, interest, and fantasy. We invite you to tell us what pleases you. Just name the sort of girl who gets you revved up, who fires your passions. Seriously we want to know what turns you on the most. We are aware that all of our clients like something just a little bit different. The world is full of beautiful women and there is only so much time to get to all of them, right? We understand completely the predicament in which you find yourself. Here at, our job is to put you in contact with as many of those beautiful women populating the world as we can.

We invite you to take a look through all the beautiful women who are here on the site, laid out for your enjoyment and your perusal. Just look at them. See how sexy they are. See the perfect curves, the big breasts, the taut muscles, the well-toned skin, the incredible racks, and the impossibly heart-shaped rear ends. There are professional model stables who don’t boast the kind of talent that we have here at, although, truth be told, many of our young ladies are themselves aspiring or former models and even actresses. We are a fountain of female talent, and we want to share that pool of beautiful ladies with you. Consider the implications of that statement for just a second. How smoking hot are our girls? They are as burning hot, as gorgeous, as luscious, as tempting, as any women you’ve known, or will know, over the course of your life. Ponder this for a time. Just how frequently does this actually happen to you? Have you ever walked into a room and discovered a woman standing there who was such a knockout, who was so incredibly beautiful and sexy, that you lost the ability to think or to talk? Do you often run into this kind of sexy lady in your day to day life? We’re willing to bet that you don’t. Well, all that changes when you book with us. . We introduce you in real life to women so smoking hot they will make you forget your own name.

It really makes no difference to us what kind of girl, what specific sort of sexiness, is your bag. No matter what it is, we have it. We really would like you to look through the escort listings here at the site. Let your eyes roam over every beautiful inch of our girls. Find the one who best suits you in terms of her look, her personality, her interests, and so on. We’ve had every one of our girls fill out a survey and asked them about their likes, their hobbies, how they spend their time, and so on. We’ve done this in an effort to help you get to know them. We really want you to be happy with your choice, and we want you to select a lady whose time will give you the most enjoyment. Spending an evening in the company of one of our incredibly beautiful, sexy women is an experience you will never forget. We have built our business on providing just that experience.

When you look at our ladies and when you choose one, we would be very disappointed if they did not turn you on. This is the key to happiness with your escort, after all: Does she stimulate you? Does she make you excited? Is being with her a thrill all by itself? When you step out with one of our beautiful, gorgeous women, we know that the key to earning your repeat business is to make the date so good, make the experience of being out with that girl so wonderful, that you’ll do anything to achieve it again. In other words, we want you to want to spend more time with her. If she doesn’t make you feel that way, she hasn’t done her job, and we haven’t done ours. Our ladies can blow your mind and rock your world, make you ache for more time spent in their company, and do it all with a smile while dressed to kill.

Your Value As a Man Goes Up When You Spend Time With Our Girls

Your personal value as a man may not be the thing that is foremost on your mind when you head out on the town with one of our beautiful girls. Whether you’re spending your time with your date at a club, in a fancy restaurant, or even headed home for some quiet time to get to know her better, you’re most likely focused on her and what an incredible experience it is to be with her. There’s another reason that you want to go out on the town with that lovely lady on your arm, though, and it doesn’t matter if you’re taking her out to eat at a nice restaurant establishment, if you’ve gone to shake your tail feathers dancing at a nightclub, or you’re just looking to spend some quiet time in the company of a young lady who is as fascinating to talk to as she is beautiful to look at. You see, the more time you spend in the company of that beautiful, professional escort, the more people who see you with this model-quality charmer on your arm, the more people will estimate your personal value upward. Sure, there may be reasons you don’t want to be seen with your young lady, and we totally understand that; that’s why we offer complete discretion and confidentiality. But if you are okay with people seeing you out on the town with an incredibly beautiful woman, and we think most of you will be, you have to understand that traveling in this beautiful woman’s orbit is going to seriously affect how other people look at you. Let’s be honest, too. While it’s nice to be envied by other men who see you, and know that the hungry looks they are casting your date’s way mean that they would give anything to be with that ravishing creature who is even now traveling with you, the real reason you want to be seen with that lovely lady is because you want other girls to see you with her. That’s right: Your eye candy is really eye candy for any other women who might see you out on the town, and when they do see you, the fires of jealousy and mystery are instantly going to be stoked in their eyes and in their hearts.

It’s absolutely true that a female looks at a man and takes a kind of social and financial assessment of him, every moment she’s looking at him. This is true of all women. It doesn’t matter if she knows she’s doing it. She may be doing it subconsciously, but she’s doing it nonetheless. Every woman, when she looks at a man, evaluates him and wonders to herself, “Would I sleep with him, or wouldn’t I sleep with him?” It may be purely theoretical, but she’s making the judgment nonetheless. As it turns out, the absolutely most powerful way to raise women’s opinion of you is to be seen in proximity to other beautiful ladies. There’s really a very obvious and common-sense reason for this. When a woman sees that another beautiful woman has somehow captured your attention, or rather, that you have captured hers, she thinks to herself, “This man must have something going for him, or a beautiful woman wouldn’t be with him right now. He either has money or he has some other quality. He is a valuable man for some reason, and that is how he has such high-quality company with him.” To put that another way, it’s obvious to most women that if you’ve already managed to snare a stone-cold fox, it must because of qualities you possess that make you desirable to all women. Even if she doesn’t know what it is, she wants to know, and she wants to be included. Why do you think that seasoned “pick up artists” who have online dating profiles always make sure to post pictures of themselves already out on dates with beautiful ladies? It is the implied value of proximity to a sexy woman that they’re tapping into and which they then can take for granted in attracting another beautiful woman.

There are lots of reasons that a man decides to hire an escort, chief among them that he wants to go out on a date and spend some time with a beautiful, sexy lady without dealing with all the ridiculous drama and baggage that “ordinary” women bring to the dating scene. That is the most common reason that our clients come to, and we understand that completely. We are here to give you what you need. Yes, we absolutely encourage you to book with us, because we aren’t happy unless your dating experience is absolutely everything that you want it to be. We will never subject you to high-stress, high-pressure sales and negotiation tactics, our rates are entirely reasonable, and we want you to be comfortable. But we also believe in you, the customer, as a human being and as a man. We would like to see to it that you are on top of your game, so to speak, and we would like to think we’re seriously helping you and how other females see you when they look at you. When you spend time often enough with our sexy, beautiful escorts, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how your stock goes up among the eligible women in your local dating pool. Do you want to be impossibly popular with the ladies? Do you want to be the man everyone desires, the man “in demand?” We recommend you start booking time with our escorts now, and then spend plenty of time out and about with them, being seen and allowing others to marvel at the classy, sexy company you keep. When you raise your stock like that, when you do ask a beautiful woman out on a date who is NOT one of our professional escorts, you’re going to be almost guaranteed to get some digits, to get some play, to be the man the ladies say “yes” to. The reason you book one of our escorts, and how you choose to spend the time that you spend with her, is your business and your business along. But we really do sincerely believe that the service we provide is something that can improve your love life and enhance your value. Do your manliness a favor. Book one of our escorts today, and make sure the world knows what kind of attractive man you are.

We Invest All Of Our Time and Effort Looking After YOUR Pleasurable Experience

At, our highest goal, and the focus of all our efforts, is your pleasure and happiness in our service. Take a moment to consider what you prefer in a woman. Do you like effervescent, fun-loving blondes? We think what they say is probably completely true, and girls with blonde hair know a thing or two about having fun while taking extreme enjoyment in every moment of what they’re doing. Does the notion of a blonde-haired woman with a sparkling personality and hair to match bring a smile to your own face? Would you like to experience getting that much nearer to such a vivacious lady? Would you like to escort her out for a night of excitement and adventure, as she escorts you to the same? Would you like to be seen with this incredible woman, and know that everyone who takes you in is jealous of what they’re seeing? Your search is over, for we have all the beautiful blondes you could ever want to see, right here at

But maybe blondes aren’t your thing. That’s okay. Lots of guys have lots of different tastes, and we cater to them all. Do you fancy a woman whose hair is dark? Do you like them smoky and smoldering? Hair that ranges from dirty blonde to brown to raven colored, hair that makes her skin look like porcelain and her lips look like rubies, well, we understand if that’s your thing. A girl with dark hair might be exactly what fires you up and makes you excited. Every part of a dark-haired woman is exciting, from her rear end to her chest, from her long legs to her eyes, and everything in between. You’re a man who likes dark haired women, are you? Well that’s good, because the lovely dark-haired women we have waiting for you are just happy that you’re a healthy, happy man who has taken an interest in them.

Blonde or brunette, and everything in between, from fiery red hair to dyes and wigs and every fantasy fashion under the sun... that is what offers you. Is there some kind of woman, some body type, some feminine look, that you really like but that is not represented here on our pages? Please let us know. Contact us right away and get down and dirty with the details. We can help you find what you’re looking for, no matter what it is. It really doesn’t matter what your specific interests or kinks are. We can find you a girl who matches perfectly what you most want to see in your date for the evening. W e can fulfill your fantasies and get you where you need to go. Just help us to help you. We live to make you happy. Our girls work for us for the chance to make you happy. Every one of them is very good at what she does, and takes a lot of appreciation and satisfaction in achieving her job to the utmost of your satisfaction. We would not keep these girls on staff at Babe-Directory if they could not do that for you. It’s part of our pledge to you as a company.

We Will Fulfill Your Fantasies and Never, Ever Judge You

Is there a reason you haven’t yet contacted us to book an escort with us? We’re willing to bet that we know what it is. Maybe you’re just too jaded at the idea that a company could provide you with top-notch female company in earnest, without any strings and without any of the cynical industry hype that seems to characterize so much of this type of work. You may be thinking to yourself that you can’t see yourself out with an escort because you don’t want to spend time with a woman who is just there to collect a paycheck and doesn’t care about you. You don’t want to think you’re being tricked, and you don’t want to spend time with someone who may only be going through the motions of having a good time. Please don’t be concerned about that, not even for a moment. That’s not how we operate.

The fact is, all of our girls are on staff because they like their jobs and they like what they do. And the reason they take a great deal of satisfaction from their jobs is because, deep down and entirely honestly, they enjoy being close to different men. Working with allows our girls a great deal of free time and fun, which suits their lifestyles and is obviously very attractive to a young woman who wants to live a party lifestyle. It is a lifestyle, after all. If someone offered you a job and then told you that, in order to do that job, you would need to get close to different fun and attractive people, take them out on the town, enjoy dinner and dancing and a variety of other fun activities, and spend your days in a constant state of party, party, party, wouldn’t you find that an offer you couldn’t pass up? Just being able to sleep in and spend your nights having fun would be enough of an inducement for most people... although, there may be times when you don’t sleep late, because you either never went to bed or you’re just waking up wherever it was you were partying the night before... but we’re not here to judge you at We just want you to have fun and enjoy yourself. We do believe that this party lifestyle job opportunity is one to which almost nobody would say no, and that’s kind o our point here. We like to keep things one big party, and we think you’ll enjoy getting in on that, too. After all, they say that you spend a third or more of your life at work. Why should that work not be fun, exciting, and interesting? In fact, if you can make it seem like play instead of work, why shouldn’t you do that instead? This is the reason why, here at, we are able to cultivate a stable of beautiful, exciting, adventurous young ladies whose biggest joy in life is found when they take our customers out for a night on the town. In order to make sure things stay that way, we test all of our girls in order to profile their likes and dislikes when they come onboard with us. The only people we want working for are those girls who we trust can not only make their dates happy and entertained, but who will also have fun doing so, in a way that is engaging and friendly and that puts our customers at ease.

We need women on our staff who are skilled in fantasy fulfillment and we only hire accordingly. And to us, those fantasies are sacred and confidential. At, you can rest assured that your fantasies will never be something we would judge or that we would fail to take seriously. Your fantasies are your right, and every healthy man and woman has them. This business, the business of fulfilling lifelong dreams and bringing to reality scenarios that, previously, you may only have daydreamed about, is what we do. It is our stock in trade. Nothing else is more important to us, and so you can always trust that we will treat you and what you desire with the respect that makes that all possible accordingly. What you desire is your own, and it is specific to you, and we always want you to know that bringing your fantasies to fruition is important to us as you live your life. In order for you to get the most out of that, we know that you have got to feel at ease. We will never judge you and we will never make fun of you. The ladies we keep on staff are skilled at listening and at making sure you are made to feel relaxed and at ease when you are out on a date. You can tell them anything, and know that they are listening to you seriously and honestly, with an eye toward how to achieve your dreams and goals. We do ask, though, that to facilitate this process, you get in touch with us sooner rather than later. We need you to communicate with us so that we can set up the best possible dating experience for you. The sooner you let us know what you are looking for, whether you find a girl who interests you on our site or not, the better we can accommodate you by considering the resources and bookings available to us. Scheduling is very important to us and we coordinate the activities of our all girls with as much precision as we are able. We want your dating experience to please you and to be as agreeable as possible, so getting in touch with us as early as you can helps us to do that for you.

Real Contact with Real-Life Girls in a Real-Life Setting

You probably understand that the “adult” industry in the United States and around the world is an industry with multiple tiers. Escort services, while they are not sexual in nature, are nonetheless generally categorized as part of the adult industry because we put beautiful, sexy women in contact with men who take them out for romantic dates and other activities to see what kind of fun and excitement develops. When it comes to adult entertainment, which we can classify as grown-up men and women engaging in entertainment that they find gratifying, pleasurable, or erotic, the first level of that entertainment is generally considered looking at porn. Porn is a good gauge because it’s almost universal in its appeal. For example, it is extremely hard to produce statistical analysis of using porn and its effects on human beings versus not using porn and the outcome of that lack, because the social scientists who try to study these things simply can’t establish a test group of subjects with which to compare. That means they simply can’t find any group of men, heterosexual or otherwise, who refuse to partake of porn. This group of men just cannot be found.

If you think about it, it makes sense that erotic video and other forms of pornography would be universally appealing to men, because all men with normal, natural sex drives possess this drive as part of their natural being. It is a biological imperative, one of those things that scientists consider a “primary benefit,” a fundamental need of the human being. In other words, if you did not possess an interest in sex, and if erotic images of the female body (if you are heterosexual) did not turn you on and hold your interest (at least for a little while), then something would be really, truly wrong with you. Just as you need to eat and you need to sleep, just as you need a roof over your head so that you do not die of exposure, human beings need sexual contact. They need it so much, in fact, that men in prison who very realistically aren’t gay often engage in what would otherwise be considered “homosexual” sex, simply because they need to have sex with another human being so badly. We know, we know, you’re wondering where we’re going with this. Well, it’s really very simple, and part of the philosophy we have here at when it comes to customer service and the business that we engage in.

Well, just as every human being has the urge to have sex if he or she is normal, when it comes to looking at porn, this helps to answer that need... for a little while. But the fact is that porn simply can’t give you what you really need as a person. This means that pornography will always fail to gratify you and satisfy you on some fundamental level. No matter what you are looking at, even if you pick out something that is every bit as specialized as your own most thrilling fantasies and deepest desires, it isn’t a human being you can talk to. It isn’t personal contact. It isn’t even the hope of meeting a woman, like going out and dating, with the possibility of love or sex at the end of a night. It is just moving pictures, light and sound on a computer screen, and that is fundamentally not satisfying when what you really want is the give and take that interacting with a real-live human being can do for you. Pornography is completely passive. It isn’t something that is truly engaging. It is just a recording that will play even if you walk out of the room, completely independent of anything that you think and feel.

When they grow tired of being dissatisfied with this level of engagement in their adult or erotic entertainment, some men turn to the next logical step in order to get some kind of human interaction, some level of custom and personal back and forth, from their chosen method of entertainment. To do this they turn to things like phone sex. We certainly don’t discourage you from seeking out the kind of erotic entertainment you like, and phone sex is one way for you to act out your fantasies in a way that may be agreeable and gratifying for both you and the person on the other end of the line. We think that everyone who uses a phone sex line knows, however, that what they are doing is only pretend and can only ever be pretend. After all, that’s the whole point of a phone sex line, isn’t it? Because you can hear but not see the person on the other end of the phone, they are free to engage you and your fantasies in any way they see fit, and from any environment. This means that that person you are talking to could be in the same city as you are, could be somewhere far across the country, or could even be in another nation entirely using an international calling line or the Internet. In some cases the person you are talking to looks nothing like she is describing herself, and that may even be in most or all cases. And in some cases you may think you are talking to a woman when, in fact, you are talking to a man. Even if the person on the other end of the phone is exactly as she is describing herself, the two of you are separated by the phone line and can never be any more than that to each other. The person on the phone cannot be by your side as you go out for a night on the town. She cannot breathe into your ear or kiss your cheek. You cannot hold her hand, or look deep into her eyes to see what she is thinking and feeling. That is the limitation of phone sex, and it is an unfortunate one. provides you with a gorgeous, real-life woman who you can take out for a date and spend real personal time with. This is far and away better than any erotic entertainment you might engage in by yourself, especially those forms of passive entertainment, interactive or otherwise, that do not involve the company of real, living, flesh-and-blood woman. No, we are not arranging sex for you. This is not a service that we provide as an escort company. What we do, instead, is put you in touch with a beautiful, sexy girl whose appearance, personality, dress, and demeanor as perfectly as possible addresses your fantasies about what you think the most ideal date should be. Whatever develops after that is entirely up to you. We are aware that you will find the experience much more fulfilling than any other “adult” entertainment in which you have engaged before. When you are out on a date with one of our lovely girls, you will suddenly discover that you are, for the first time, sharing real company with the most gorgeous woman you’ve ever met in your life. If you’ve been out on a date with a hotter girl, then you are doing much better than the average man, and we are impressed. But we think that, even if your standards are very high, you cannot help but equally impressed with the quality of the girls that we have working for us. Taking one of our girls out is an experience you will not soon forget, because when you are out with one of our girls, you are out with a woman whose only goal and whose highest purpose is to satisfy you and make you pleased with your time with her. Hiring an escort may seem like a big step, but it really isn’t. It simply takes the entertainment you’ve always wanted and makes it more real, more personal, more direct, and with the type of back and forth and feedback that you can’t get from anything passive and anything that does not take place fully in person with another human being. We will always make that service guarantee to you. No matter how many times you use our service, and we hope it will indeed be often, we will commit to making you happy and satisfied, each and every time. If for some reason something doesn’t go your way and there is something we could have done to make your date better, please contact us and we will do our best to act on your feedback and address your concerns.

Screening Our talent at

When you have been doing business as long as we have, it stands to reason that you’ll build up a long list of satisfied customers. Our customers often ask us how we select the talent for How do we select the gorgeous, talented, exciting, adventurous ladies who find their way onto our site listings and whose beautiful appearance is even now firing your imagination if you’re looking through the escort listings on our site? Well, we are proud of our hiring and screening process. Without the selection process through which we go here at, we could not offer the high quality of service that we do. We take an extraordinary amount of pride in making sure that our girls are exceptional and that they always treat their customers right. If our girls aren’t pleased in their jobs, they can’t please you to the degree you deserve to be made happy, so it is in everyone’s best interest to make sure that everyone is having a good time at every step of the process. You already know that for their profiles here, we asked all of our girls to fill out a survey and answer some questions about their likes and dislikes. Well, that’s just part of how we make sure our girls are the best in the business. They are all part of a very tightly knit group, a family, if you will. When somebody joins the family, we want to make sure that they’re suited to belong to the team, and we get all up in their minds with plenty of questions and answers to make sure they can give you, and us, what we need from the standpoint of your date and your time out having fun.

To begin with, we look at our potential girl and we inquire as to whether she can see herself truly living a party lifestyle. It may seem like an obvious question with an obvious answer. After all, not too many people are going to look an interviewer in the eye and say, “No, sorry, but fun isn’t for me. I don’t enjoy having nonstop fun at all.” But the question makes more sense than you might think, and it speaks directly to whether a girl is going to be a good fit for what we do here or isn’t going to be a good fit for what we do here. You see, if one of our girls has to be up for anything. She has to be ready, at a moment’s notice and with very little warning, to hit the town and paint it red with the client of our choosing. We schedule our bookings efficiently and we always make sure that our girls get to their assigned dates quickly and with a minimum of hassle. We can’t have a lady on our staff who isn’t ready to get down when the call comes through. She’s got to be ready to get out there and party the night away. Now, for a lot of people, this is a very appealing idea, but for more people than you might think, it’s a little overwhelming. Sure, a lot of people could handle non-stop fun and partying for a few days. Others could manage it for a few weeks or a month. But a lot of people would burn out and quickly tire of the always on the go, always partying way of living their lives. Our girls, therefore, have to measure up to a very special standard. They have to be willing to really get the job done and to keep going even if it seems like that never-ending party might get the best of them. You know the feeling that you get after you’ve partied hard for a week and you feel like you need a vacation from your vacation? Well, our lovely ladies can’t give in to that feeling, because they’ve got jobs to do... and they’ve got to be able to do those jobs while looking beautiful and having the time of their lives. They can’t just pretend. They have to be enjoying themselves for real, because if they tried to fake it, that would be apparent to you, and you wouldn’t want that. We know that about our ladies and we are prepared to see to it that they can make you happy no matter what, no matter where. You don’t want to hang out with a lady who’s only going through the motions. You want a one hundred percent bona fide, certified party girl who can keep on going no matter what, and do it all with a smile on her face. Each time we bring on a new member of the family, we make sure it’s very clear to that girl what’s going to be expected of her. We can’t have her failing to meet that challenge, and we absolutely don’t want her to let you down when you’re out with her. So there is a non-negotiable clause in every girl’s hiring literature that says she’s got to be enjoying herself every minute. If she’s not having fun, if at any point the party lifestyle fails to bring her joy and pleasure, or if the whole thing becomes a grind for her, she’s got the option to leave. We wouldn’t have it any other way because, frankly, if she’s not having a good time, she’s not going to be able to help you have a good time. We are in the business of pleasure, adventure, and excitement. Escorts, to be able to do their jobs well, have to be able to do it while making it look easy. They can’t ever make it look like work. If it looks like work, it will seem like work, and if it seems like work, it will feel like work. That’s the moment where it all falls apart, and that’s not compatible with what we do here at

Now, another thing we do when we take on a possible new hire here at is we inquire into our new young lady’s ability to be creative. We present to them a variety of different fantasies and other ideas and we ask them how they would respond to these requests and situations. A young lady who can think on her feet is a tremendous advantage and asset to a company like ours. If she is very good at coming up with and reacting to new ideas, then she is a great addition to the team. We need fantasy fulfillment in this business, and so we need to hire young ladies who can specialize in fantasy fulfillment at the drop of a heat and at a moment’s notice. Most importantly, we need to make sure the people we hire are completely nonjudgmental and very open to new suggestions. After all, we know that when you are having your fantasies fulfilled, in order to lean back and really take the most gratification out of having lived out that scenario, you have to be completely at ease, without any concerns or anxieties that on some level, you are being judged or made fun of, or criticized, or treated in any way other than with kindness, discretion, and respect. Your comfort is the only thing that matters to us, especially when you take the time to engage in a date with one of our professional ladies. There is absolutely no reason that you should ever be put on edge for any reason when you’re with one of our professionals, and if that happens, it means she is not doing her job. We can’t have that and we are proud to say that it absolutely does not happen. We at are a family and we take very seriously the way we treat every member of that family, absolutely without fail, each and every time you book one of our girls.

To that end, if you are ever out on a date with one of our girls and something happens to harm, in any way, your experience of a night on the town with one of our professionals, all that you’ll ever have to do to see this problem corrected is to get in touch with us. Give us all of the details of your date out. What was it that you enjoyed most when you were out with one of our girls... and what did you not enjoy? Where did the customer service experience go wrong for you? How would you like to us to address this issue for you, and what would you recommend? Anything you tell us we will immediately take under advisement, and if there is something we need to do differently, we will make any and all necessary alterations to our operation in order to see to it that it does not happen again. You will find that we take this sort of feedback very seriously, and if your lady does not make you happy, all you have to do is let us know. Choose from among the beauties arrayed here in absolute confidence, because we are here to address all of your needs, in every way possible.

We do encourage you to look at our listings of escorts and consider, very carefully, all of the sexy ladies that we make available to you here. Our large selection is the result of our desire to make you as happy as possible, because we know that every man has his own set of preferences and likes and dislikes, and only by maintaining a large staff can we be assured of making sure to match very well the preferences of each of our customers. If you don’t believe that beauty and sex appeal are very subjective, you can of course conduct a very easy experiment. Look at all the gorgeous women on our site, and rank them according to the ones you think are most incredibly sexy. Yes, they are all attractive, and yes, all of them have something to offer. But we don’t doubt that some of them appeal to you more than others. The ones that make their way to the top of your personal ranking of sexiness will be those whose personalities, likes, dislikes, body shape, and features most closely correspond to what you like as a person. That’s perfectly natural and there’s nothing unexpected about that. If you asked all of your male buddies to do the same thing, you would get as many different lineups of sexy ladies as you had friends, and maybe even more than that, as some guys have trouble deciding on these things. Sure, there would be plenty of cases where you and your friends could agree, as all kinds of guys like to talk about sexy ladies, and some of them are definitely popular with the majority of guys for obvious reasons. But every man has different tastes, and that’s totally okay. It is recognizing this that helps keep us in business, for has built its business on making sure we cater to this desire in all men to have with them the women that appeal to them most directly. In other words, yes, it’s fun to go out on a date with one of our beautiful and professional escorts, but it’s even more fun if the lady you’re with has the qualities that you personally prefer. For example, if you’re out with a beautiful blonde, there isn’t a guy in the world who isn’t going to enjoy being able to say he’s got a gorgeous, golden-haired beauty hanging on his arm for the night. But if you really prefer brunettes, you would of course have more fun if what you actually had was a brunette. Maybe you think girls with smaller chests are more attractive than girls with much larger, curvier frames. Well, we get that too, and we’ll see to it that you get the lady you want, because in that way, you get to have that much more fun. You will enjoy your date most when you are out with a woman who is as sexy as you think she can be, who has the special, unique mix of qualities, character, and features that you find most desirable.

Another thing we pride ourselves on, here at, is utter confidentiality, and we say this and reiterate it with absolute faith in our system and our way of doing business. When you engage one of our ladies for a night on the town, everything about your escort transaction is completely and totally discreet. We keep the details of your time with us in the strictest confidence. You don’t ever have to worry that after doing business with us, you’ll start getting spam from some spamming email company, and you don’t ever have to worry that your business with us will ever become public in any way. Your privacy is the most important thing to us, on equal footing with our desire to see you take satisfaction and gratification in your date with our beautiful lady. We cannot imagine conducting our business in any other manner. There is only one thing that do ask of you, the customer, and that is that you keep the lines of communication open with us. Tell us what you need. Tell us what you enjoy. We need to know with as much lead time as possible what will please you, and you can rest assured that we will never share with another soul any of the details that you share with us. Contact us today and let us get on the job of making you happy. We are absolutely aching with desire to fulfill your needs. Only when you get in touch with us can we start the process in motion.

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You know that, without doubt, we live in a fearsome, stressful, often intimidating world. At times, it seems like there’s absolutely no way to get away from all that stress. From bad news to work worries to problems at home, from deadlines to all the millions of other issues that can tackle any person day or night, there just does not seem to be a way to get away from the stress that is everywhere around you. If we told you that, in fact, YES, you could get away from that stress, that you could find some relief from it, what would you say? Would you believe us if we told you it was possible? What if the way to get away from all that anxiety was to be transported to a magical universe in which all your most secret and long-held desires had the potential of coming true? What if you could spend a few magical hours, as many as you wanted to arrange, with someone who never made demands of you, someone who never said an unkind word to you, someone who would never ask you to engage in any activity with which you were not comfortable, and someone who was really only concerned with seeing to it that your every minute was gratifying and fun when you were with that person? If there was a way for you to bring to fruition all the dreams you have ever had of enjoying time with the fairer sex, some way you could live out the most dark and private things you’ve ever wondered about, wouldn’t you grab hold tightly to that chance, with more gusto than anything you’ve ever wanted before in your life?

Well, we think you’ll find that when you are spending time with a beautiful young lady who is there to serve you, a professional escort whose only job is making sure you are happy, your stress will just fall away from you. Your escort is not just some girl. She has professional skills and she is there to make sure that the night goes well. You will find no more sympathetic ear for the stress you are under. Your escort’s job is understanding men. She is driven to please you and, more importantly, to understand what pleases you. Easing your stress is part of her “mission statement,” so to speak. She gets what is going on with you, and she’ll work with you to make your time out as pleasant as possible. It isn’t just that she desires to make things better for you. It’s her job, and therefore she’s making a living whenever she is doing things for you, making your date better and more fun, taking her cues from you regarding how you’d like to be spending your time, and so on. This is why we spend so much time prescreening our talent and making sure that the lovely ladies of correspond to a very specific set of profiles and skills. A lady who wasn’t capable of getting in touch with your wants and needs, with what is bothering you, and how to soothe what is bothering you, wouldn’t be any good to either of us, would she? We only want ladies who can either blow your mind while the two of you hit the city and party down under the flashing lights, and our dedication to this goal is one of the reasons that is such a successful business. Our ladies get a lot of training from us in how to conduct themselves in accordance with our company policies, and all of that translates into you enjoying yourself. Our ladies are little islands of peace in a busy, anxious world. When you spend time with one of our girls, you should feel transported to that wonderful world where your fantasies are made real and your stress dissolves into a world where everything and everyone in it is there to serve you and make you happy. We think you’ll find that spending time with one of our ladies like this is better than any vacation you’ve ever had, and when you’re done, you will feel truly refreshed and reenergized by your time “away” on that magical, if imaginary, island of delights that is your escort.

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On another level, a beautiful woman is just fun to be around. Every guy finds a room more pleasant when he’s sharing that space with someone who is very attractive. It’s one thing to see a beautiful woman in the same room with you and just be able to look at her. Many men have experienced the interest that comes with just looking at a hot, sexy girl from across the room, hoping she won’t notice so that you can continue to look at her. Now imagine that this gorgeous, attractive creature is not just there to be seen, but there to be seen with YOU, and assigned to you and your pleasure as her job. How much power would you feel, knowing when you go out for a nice dinner, or for an exciting evening of dancing or some other activity, this incredible lady is yours for the asking? There’s nothing quite like putting your arm around a woman like that and seeing her smile back at you. And the fact that it’s her job to keep you happy and to show you the nightlife is just that much better, because it means she will take her cues from you. Whatever you want is what you’re going to get. The staff of is dedicated to what they do and happy to listen to you. No matter what is required to ease your troubled mind, they are on the case.

So why haven’t you booked with us yet? What’s holding you back? Maybe you’re worried about being judged. We can get that out of the way for you before we go any farther. Lots of our prospective clients sometimes pause when it comes to actually doing the deed and engaging an escort by booking with us. There are multiple reasons they might be anxious about actually making the booking. For example, they might be wondering if the people around them, their friends and their family, their coworkers, or society overall is going to judge them harshly for doing something a little nontraditional, or even something that has wrongly been maligned as somehow sleazy. Most of clients, when they come to us without any experience engaging services like ours, aren’t quite sure what to expect, and a lot of the expectations they do have are unrealistic because they’ve gotten them from television and the movies. For starters, you don’t have to worry that you’re breaking the law by using an escort service. The service we provide is one hundred percent legal and completely aboveboard. Again, we don’t arrange for sex, and we aren’t making any promises to you other than one of complete customer satisfaction. Whatever develops between you and your date is your business. What we provide is access to a willing pool of lovely ladies who are interested in having a good time, and in going out and dating men such as yourself. We also have female customers, although at this time we don’t offer male escorts, only women.

But for most of our clients, they don’t hesitate because of the legal aspects, since it’s very easy to be reassured on that score. No, most of our clients stop and hesitate because they wonder if their friends or coworkers, or their family members, might think less of them by using even a reputable escort booking service like ours. Well, if somebody judges you harshly for using our services, we have to say that this is pure ignorance on their part. They don’t understand what we are about and it probably won’t do you a lot of good explaining it to them (although we guarantee that at least a few of them will listen, even if they don’t admit it, particularly your younger male relatives who are keenly interested in spending some time with the types of beautiful ladies we can put them in touch with). What we do is make it much easier and much simpler for you to get a date and go on a date. Thanks to the service we provide, you get to have a lovely lady on your arm and accomplish this simply by making the booking, by making the appointment with us, by being prepared to pay our fee. It’s as simple as that. This cuts out all of the problems that we traditionally associate with “normal” dating. You don’t have to worry that your date will bring any drama to the engagement, nor do you have to worry that you need to put up with her baggage. Booking one of our escorts is the very definition of dating without any additional strings or connections. Most guys who spend their time dating will tell you, after just a little while, how sick they are of the whole experience. that’s because dating is actually very draining, and most of the time, it isn’t successful. It is a process of eliminating potential lovers, not just finding someone who you can spend time with whose job it is to make the date fun and exciting. Imagine taking off all the pressure that normally accompanies a date out. Instead of worrying all the time, “Is she having a good time? Is she interested in me? Will she go out with me again?” and similar things, you can just sit back and enjoy your time, knowing that it’s her job to have a good time and to help you enjoy your time with her. This shifts all the burden of the date, if you want to look at it that way, away from you. It relieves you of any performance pressure and lets you just enjoy yourself. There’s nothing to worry about, no relationship to discuss, and the only thing between the two of you is a simple business matter that is easily understood. You get to spend time with a beautiful lady, she gets to spend time being treated to a great night on the town, and everybody benefits from this confidential and discreet relationship.

It’s okay if your family and friends don’t understand, because they are part of the problem with modern society in that they have been brainwashed to believe that being with just one person in a traditional dating-then-marriage relationship is the key to being happy and being fulfilled in modern society. There’s a pretty good chance that you yourself have been made to believe that, too, and frankly, we don’t buy it. We don’t agree with telling men who have healthy sex drives that they must deny themselves every natural urge, that they must select just a single lady and never have any else to spend time with for as long as they live. How does that old song go? I’ll be with you until the end of time, and now I’m praying for the end of time? Why isn’t it both healthy and natural for a man to see multiple young, beautiful women and admit that he would like to be with them? It’s part of how we are built genetically, to want to spread ourselves and our genetic legacy. So why are men being told that they are somehow guilty of a societal crime if they like looking at and being with young, attractive women? We’re teaching men that even acknowledging their attraction to young, beautiful women is somehow misogyny and they should feel very, very bad for admitting they feel this way.

Many men will therefore tell themselves that there is no need to hire an escort. They don’t want to risk family, friends, or coworkers finding out or thinking poorly of them. But what a terrible reason not to give yourself something that you will remember for years to come as one of your fondest memories! What a tragedy it would be if you never found out what it was like to take a trip out on the town with the lovely lady of your dreams. We want you to tell us what you fantasize about. We are very good listeners. Not only will we never judge, but we will take you very seriously and we will give you whatever you want if it is within our power to do so. Every man who looks at our website should ask himself, “What do I like? What is at the heart of my deepest desires?” Then he should look through our escort listings and see if he can find a lady who most closely matches what he wants. This is the primary purpose of the website, to let you know what we’re about but also to give you an opportunity to book a meaningful escort. This is the key to the fulfillment of your fantasies, and the reason that you’re reading this site in any case. Every red-blooded man enjoys the possibility, enjoys contemplating the potential, of fulfilling his deepest desires. The average fellow goes through his whole life with his greatest goal being to bag a single female to spend time with him. When you contemplate our website, that reality changes significantly. Suddenly you are looking at realizing the potential before you, because potentially, you could spend time with any of the beautiful women on our pages, even more than one at once, and not just a single woman for the rest of your life. Who could say no to this kind of opportunity? We don’t want you to deny yourself. We want you to have fun. We want you to live out the adventures you only thought were daydreams before. But there is a critical step you must take, something that has to happen before any of these dreams can become reality.

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